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Checking Work

Originally posted on Izuru:
It’s important to check your work. It helps prevent you from publishing stupid mistakes. It’s also important to check other people’s work. That helps prevent you from believing people’s stupid mistakes. Sadly, in the internet age…

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El Nino Update: Monster Kelvin Wave Continues to Emerge and Intensify

Originally posted on robertscribbler:
(Kevin Wave continues to strengthen and propagate across the Pacific Ocean. Image source: NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.) Record global temperatures, extraordinarily severe storms for the US West Coast and telegraphing on through the Central and Eastern…

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New paper links warm Atlantic oscillation with cold winter extremes

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:
There is a new open access paper published in Environmental Research Letters by Yannick Peings and Gudrun Magnusdottir entitled ‘Forcing of the wintertime atmospheric circulation by the multidecadal fluctuations of the North Atlantic ocean’. It’s…

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PRELIMINARY March 2014 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Update

GENERAL NOTES – BOILERPLATE The March 2014 Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data through the NOAA NOMADS website won’t be official until Monday, April 7,, 2014. Refer to the schedule on the NOAA Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis Frequently Asked … Continue reading

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Skeptics Take Bloggie Awards in Six Categories This Year

Congratulations to Anthony Watts. WattsUpWithThat won The Weblog Awards in two categories for 2013: Best Group or Community Weblog—and—Weblog of the Year. ClimateAudit won the Best Topical Weblog award. Congratulations to Steve. Jo Nova, an Australian skeptic blog, took Lifetime … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Express: Ignoring Your Views at Every Meal

Originally posted on NoFrakkingConsensus:
Ordinary people don’t care about climate change. How many times do they have to say so? photo credit: John Collier, The American Memory Collection (click) Imagine you’re on a multi-day train ride. Perhaps you’re crossing Australia. Or…

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On Don Easterbrook’s Updated Projection

Don Easterbrook has updated his projection graph. Unfortunately, he did not update the graph that I complained about a few weeks ago, shown on the left in Figure 1. In that graph his projections started around 2010. He appears to … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: Global warming’s glorious ship of fools

Mark Steyn: Global warming’s glorious ship of fools at TheSpectator is priceless. Has there ever been a better story? It’s like a version of Titanic where first class cheers for the iceberg Caution:  Please put your coffee down before reading … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Uncertainties of Climate Change

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:
by Garth Paltridge There is more than enough uncertainty about the forecasting of climate to allow normal human beings to be at least reasonably hopeful that global warming might not be nearly as bad as…

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Season Greetings!

Enjoy your holidays!

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