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>June 2009 SST Anomaly Update

>UPDATE Many thanks to Anonymous for reminding me of the fuller SST and SST anomaly mapping capabilities of NOMADS. Link: Anonymous also suggested the following settings, which work quite well: Contour interval for var1 = .5 & white = … Continue reading

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>Here’s An Odd Effect Created By EXCEL

>I use gif animations of graphs to show changes in data and trends. I had hoped to use one or more in my post “OHC Trends Presented by Levitus et al (2009) Versus Trends Presented by the OHC Data,” but … Continue reading

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>There Is Nothing New About The El Nino Modoki

>UPDATE Thanks to Basil who noted on the WhatsUpWithThat version of this post El Nino – same but different that I had incorrectly titled the y-axis “Deg C” on Figures 2 and 3. The data in those graphs have been … Continue reading

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>OHC Trends Presented by Levitus et al (2009) Versus Trends Presented by the OHC Data

>Including Ishii and Kimoto (2009), Domingues et al (2008), and Wijffels et al (2008) The Levitus et al (2009) paper “Global Ocean Heat Content 1955-2008 in light of recently revealed instrumentation problems” included a comparison, Figure 1, of Ocean Heat … Continue reading

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>Hurricane Breeding Grounds SST Anomalies at the Start of the 2009 Season

>There are many factors that contribute to the seasonal numbers and intensities of Atlantic hurricanes. One of those factors is Sea Surface Temperature (SST) in the hurricane breeding grounds. The recent significant drop in North Atlantic SST Anomalies made me … Continue reading

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>Part 3 of Comparison of GISTEMP and UAH MSU TLT Anomalies

>Or The Comparison of OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies and the UAH MSU TLT Anomalies for the Same Ocean Surface Areas INTRODUCTION In the first part of this post, Part 1 of Comparison of GISTEMP and UAH MSU TLT Anomalies, … Continue reading

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