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Brrrr – It’s Chilly

It’s 11 deg C (about 51 deg F) and raining at the Spa Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium this afternoon for Formula 1 practice.  Brrrr.  Hopefully it’ll warm up tomorrow for qualifying and on Sunday for the race.

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Preview of “Who Turned on the Heat? – The Unsuspected Global Warming Culprit, El Niño Southern Oscillation”

Note:  I changed the title of the post from “Introduction to…” to “Preview of…”, since it does include a link to opening portions of the book. HHHHHHHHHHH I’m about a week away from publishing my book about El Niño-Southern Oscillation … Continue reading

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There’s A New Sheriff in Town and He’s Gunnin’ for Me. I’m Ascared!!!

There’s a reasonably new website, uknowispeaksense, run by an outspoken proponent of anthropogenic global warming. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of exchanging comments with the proprietor, Mike is an extremely opinionated, self-described “research scientist working in an ecology … Continue reading

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Mid-August 2012 Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

The weekly Reynolds OI.v2 sea surface temperature data on the NOAA NOMADS website is normally updated about 7:00 to 7:30AM (NDT) on Monday mornings.  The update was very slow last week, and so far they haven’t updated the data for … Continue reading

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Blog Memo to James Hansen Regarding GISS Southern Hemisphere Land Surface Temperature Data

Date: August 16, 2012 Subject: Southern Hemisphere GISS LOTI Land Surface Temperature Anomaly Data From: Bob Tisdale To: James Hansen – GISS Dear James: I discovered what appear to be an atypical upward step and a recent abnormal increase in … Continue reading

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Are July 2012 Sea Surface Temperatures for U.S. Coastal Waters Also At Record Levels?

The map in Figure 1 shows the July 2012 sea surface temperature anomalies, based on NOAA’s ERSST.v3b dataset, for the coordinates of 24N-50N, 130W-65W. Figure 1 We’ll use those coordinates for the sea surface temperatures (not anomalies) of the U.S. … Continue reading

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July 2012 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

MONTHLY SST ANOMALY MAP The following is a Global map of Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies for July 2012. It was downloaded from the NOMADS website. The contour levels are set at 0.5 deg C, and white is … Continue reading

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I’m On My Way to the WUWT Gathering in Connecticut

I received an invitation from Bob Phelan to attend a gathering of WattsUpWithThat blog participants at his Connecticut home in mid August. I was more than happy to accept. Connecticut is a long way from Newfoundland so I figured I’d … Continue reading

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