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Open Letter to the Honorable John Kerry U.S. Secretary of State

September 30, 2013 The Honorable John Kerry Secretary of State Washington D.C. 20520 Dear Mr. Secretary: Your press release dated September 27, 2013 Release of the Fifth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change clearly expresses your beliefs about … Continue reading

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August 2013 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) Temperature Anomaly Update

I figured today would be a good day to post this, with David Rose’s article in the “Sunday Mail” Met Office proof that global warming is still ‘on pause’ as climate summit confirms global temperature has stopped rising.  This post is available … Continue reading

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IPCC diagnosis – permanent paradigm paralysis

This post by Judith Curry is a pleasure to read. Climate Etc. by Judith Curry Diagnosis: paradigm paralysis, caused by motivated reasoning, oversimplification, and consensus seeking; worsened and made permanent by a vicious positive feedback effect at the climate science-policy … Continue reading

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Models Fail: Land versus Sea Surface Warming Rates

In Climate Models Fail, using a number of different datasets, I illustrated how the climate models used by the IPCC for their 5th Assessment Report could not simulate climate variables such as surface temperatures (land surface air, sea surface and … Continue reading

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Side-By-Side Comparison of Draft and Final IPCC AR5 SPM on Warming Plateau and Attribution

The following table compares the IPCC’s discussions of the warming plateau and attribution from the final draft (7Jun2013) and the approved final version (27Sep2013) of the IPCC’s AR5 Summary for Policymakers.  It appears the politician agreed to delete the attribution … Continue reading

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Sorry IPCC – How You Portrayed the Global Temperature Plateau is Comical at Best

Update:  The IPCC press release for the AR5 Summary for Policymakers is titled Human influence on climate clear, IPCC report says.  (Why didn’t they just copy and paste the AR4 SPM onto AR5 letterhead and save the world 10s of … Continue reading

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Video: Climate Models Used By the IPCC for AR5 Are…

In honor of the IPCC releasing the Summary for Policymakers of their 5th Assessment Report today, I thought I’d present something to you that the IPCC would rather the public and policymakers didn’t know. My new book Climate Models Fail … Continue reading

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Mid-September 2013 Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

Being an ENSO-neutral year, there’s nothing too exciting for this update — other than the unusual warming event in North Pacific. As shown, it has peaked and sea surface temperatures there are falling. We’ll just have to see where they … Continue reading

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Book: “Climate Models Fail”

Climate Models Fail is Now Free. Copy here.   This post has been updated. (May 23, 2016) With politicians from around the globe meeting in Stockholm this week to negotiate the content of the Summary for Policymakers of the IPCC’s … Continue reading

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Why Is It Still Called Global Warming?

Since it’s past tense, shouldn’t it be called Global Warmed?

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