Are Greg Laden’s Reading Comprehension Skills at an All-Time Low?

Please give generously to the Philippines Red Cross.

With that said, there’s a rather heated discussion going on between ScienceBlog’s Greg Laden and Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat.  It appears to have begun on the thread of the WattsUpWithThat guest post by Paul Homewood “Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – another overhyped storm that didn’t match early reports”.  After a few comments on the thread, Greg Laden wrote a post at ScienceBlog titled WUWT Science Denialist Blog Hits New, Historic Low.

Greg Laden begins his second paragraph:

At the moment, nobody is really saying that Haiyan’s strength, size, power, or even existence is specifically the direct result of global warming…

Nobody?  Greg Laden did exactly what he said no one had done when continued with:

 …although it is of course impossible to remove the effects of global warming from ANY weather event because global warming is part of climate change and guess what … weather arises from the climate. The climate has changed, so ALL of our weather is affected by climate change.

Did Greg Laden miss the HuffPo article by’s Jamie Henn.  Its title is “Super Typhoon Haiyan Is a Wake-Up Call for UN Climate Summit”?  Did Greg Laden also miss the Mirror article by Simon Redfern.  Its title: “Typhoon Haiyan: As climate change continues, we should expect more devastating storms”.  Did Greg Laden even miss Andrew Freedman’s post “Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?

Or did Greg Laden simply choose to ignore what was implied by those with beliefs similar to his own when he jumped up on his myopic high horse?  Obviously, based on the samples linked above, there are numerous global warming enthusiasts who wrote articles in efforts to use the misfortunes of the people of the Philippines to further political agendas, which is a practice that I personally find appalling.

It appears to me that Greg Laden tried, and failed, to write a post in an effort to reduce the popularity of WattsUpWithThat, while ignoring the despicable practices of his fellow climate change alarmists.


About Bob Tisdale

Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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9 Responses to Are Greg Laden’s Reading Comprehension Skills at an All-Time Low?

  1. Ben D says:

    “Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?”

    It is to be hoped they aren’t as bad as the past…–cyclones

  2. Dan Pangburn says:

    Yes, climate is changing. The ongoing climate change is that the planet stopped warming more than a decade ago. Meanwhile, since 2001 the CO2 level has increased by 29% of the increase prior to 2001. Carbon dioxide change has never had a significant influence on climate and never will. At see an eye-opening graph and a simple equation that, with only one external forcing, calculates an average global temperature anomaly trend since 1610 and, with 90% accuracy (correlation coefficient = 0.95), calculates measured average global temperature anomalies since 1895. See why the LIA and Global Warming both ended. CO2 change had no significant influence.

  3. Ben D says:

    Strange, the link above has stopped working. so I’ll try again…
    “Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?”

    It is to be hoped they aren’t as bad as the past…

  4. Col A says:

    I just checked the links to the CAGW articles above ….. SO busy screaming the sky is falling
    they don’t seem to care about the people. is that why they can not simply “copy and paste”

    Please give generously to the Philippines Red Cross.

  5. Caleb says:

    What loony logic Greg uses! If climate changes, every weather event is due to climate change? I like how that rolls off the tongue. Greg must have liked it too. I can just imagine him lifting an index finger as he repeats it. Of course, we couldn’t forecast perfectly yesterday, can’t do it today, and won’t forecast perfectly tomorrow, but it’s all due to climate change, whatever it is.

    Whew! I sure am glad that’s settled!

    Actually he’s just playing bait-and-switch, to get the topic away from media malfeasance and onto some high-horse morality topic. There was a pretty good comment after yours, ” galileonardo says: at 4:04,” that summed the bait-and-switch up.

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  7. philjourdan says:

    Laden tried to bump his own metrics by playing the wounded duck. But he is the one that shot the arrow that wounded the duck.

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