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The 2014 15 El Niño – Part 16 – September 2014 Update – Still Seeing Mixed Signals

(Oops.  Fixed a typo in the title.  This is Part 16.) This post provides an update on the progress of the evolution of the 2014/15 El Niño (assuming there will be one) with data through the end of August 2014. … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Sleazier, the Return of Climate Porn, WMO Style

Plus Obama’s Name-and-Shame Deal in a Different Light Climate Porn is the title of a February 21, 2007 article in Cosmos Magazine authored by Tom Lowe.  He writes: By doing what they do best, the media have taken hold of … Continue reading

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The WMO’s Macabre Climate Fiction

The WMO appears very happy to destroy their own credibility…with meteorologists from around the globe assisting with the WMO’s suicide of believability. This is remarkably idiotic. [Thanks, Donna.] Big Picture News, Informed Analysis Rather than persuading us with reason and … Continue reading

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Baseless Alarmism: Global Warming’s Impact on Gulf of Maine Driving Away Lobsters and Fish

The supposed impact of global warming on the Gulf of Maine over the past decade has hit a multitude of media outlets.  Example: take’s article Global Warming Is Changing the Gulf of Maine, Imperiling Its Lobster, Fish Catch.  According … Continue reading

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Alarmism Warning – Preliminary Monthly Global Sea Surface Temperatures at Record High Levels

Preliminary Note:  An “alarmism warning” indicates alarmism is imminent.  On the other hand, an “alarmism watch” indicates alarmism might occur, but that’s all the time. We’re not just talking a record high for the month of August…we’re talking a record … Continue reading

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