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Thank You AndThenThere’sPhysics

UPDATE:  Looks like a couple of skeptics have joined the discussions on the Bob Tisdale is Wrong thread at AndThenThere’sPhysics. Thanks, gymnosperm and   Wish I could join you, but my additional presence would not be well-received. # # # Just wanted … Continue reading

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The 2014/15 El Niño – Part 19 – Is an El Niño Already Taking Place?

The recent post at WattsUpWithThat Yes Virginia (and everyone else) there is an El Niño coming was written by Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell Analytics.  As a result of that article, Joe and I exchanged a good number of emails.  Once … Continue reading

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Interesting Paper on Sea Level Rise – Purkey et al (2014)

Please see the Update at the end of the post to avoid confusion. # # # # The paper Purkey et al. (2014) Relative contributions of ocean mass and deep steric changes to sea level rise between 1993 and 2013 … Continue reading

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A Future Climate Science Moment

Not too far in the future, a third-generation climate scientist will be asked by a college student about his grandfather’s work with climate models.  Flabbergasted, the climate scientist replies…

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More On Miriam O’Brien’s Misunderstandings at HotWhopper

This is the second in a series of posts about the blog HotWhopper, specifically about the misunderstandings about climate-science basics displayed by its author and proprietor Miriam O’Brien (a.k.a Sou from Bundangawoolarangeera).   The first in the series was Open Letter … Continue reading

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New Study Predicts a Slight Cooling of North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures over the Next Decade

Pierre Gosselin at NoTrickZone provided an introduction to a recently published paper in his post IPCC Scientist Mojib Latif Sees North Atlantic Cooling Over Next Decade…Confirms Oceans Play Crucial Role. The paper is Klöwer et al. (2014) Atlantic meridional overturning … Continue reading

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Finally Some Reality from RealClimate – But, Unfortunately, They Remained Unreal about Some Things

The post Ocean heat storage: a particularly lousy policy target + Update at RealClimate finally presented a few realities of the global-warming metric known as ocean heat content—realities we have discussed numerous times.  But they weren’t completely open about it … Continue reading

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Quicky Mid-October 2014 El Niño Update

This is a quick update on the status of the sea surface temperatures of the equatorial Pacific, along with a brief discussion of the recent excursion of the daily Southern Oscillation Index into El Niño conditions.  Things are NOT looking … Continue reading

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There is a Wide Range in the ARGO-Era Warming (and Cooling) Rates of the Oceans to Depths of 2000 Meters

The KNMI Climate Explorer has added a number of datasets to their Monthly observations webpage, where users select desired data based on global coordinates. (Many thanks to Dr. Geert Jan van Oldenborgh of KNMI.)  The new datasets include, under the … Continue reading

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September 2014 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly Update

My apologies to those who receive email notifications of a new post. I accidentally clicked the “publish” button before uploading the text and graphs.  So there was nothing wrong with your email notification.  My mistake.  Sorry. # # # This … Continue reading

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