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The Tempering Effect of the Oceans on Global Warming

There are now 2 UPDATES at the end of the post. # # # This post presents a very simple way to illustrate the tempering effect of the oceans on global warming. The idea for this simple presentation came from … Continue reading

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On The Blog Post “Hiatuses in the rise of temperature” at ClimateLabBook

UPDATE:  It has come to my attention that some persons believe I ridiculed Dr. Geert Jan van Oldenborgh and Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. in this post.  That was not my intent and, on rereading this post, is far from the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you celebrating the holiday today, have a happy Thanksgiving. I will not be available to moderate comments here for most of the day and evening. So have patience if you leave one. It will eventually appear to … Continue reading

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My Temporary Pseudonym – A Little Deception Went a Long Way

For those of you following comments of on the “Bob Tisdale gets into a spot of hot water” thread at HotWhopper (archived link to most recent version), I have an announcement. I am (was) That is, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Russian Official is Optimistic about Global Warming

Yesterday, November 24th, the Russian News Agency TASS published the article Russia to take advantage of global warming — chief of Russian weather service. Isn’t that refreshing?  Optimism about a warming world. The article begins:

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Silly Headline of the Day – NYT: Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park

And the opening of the NewYorkTimes article reads: GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. — What will they call this place once the glaciers are gone? My suggestions are at the end of the post.

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The Region of Unusual Sea Level Rise East of the Philippines Contributes Only a Little to the Global Rate

The region east of the Philippines stands out on satellite-based sea level trend maps.  See Figure 1, which is from the Map of Sea Level Trends webpage from the University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group.  I’ve also shown the … Continue reading

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Eek! Climate Change “…Might Cost Us…Chocolate”

A GlobalPost article by Sara Yasin includes the latest climate change and global warming scare.  The headline:  Our love for things that cause climate change could mean the end of life with chocolate. After a typical climate-change lead-in, the article … Continue reading

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Introducing a New Blog – More on Miriam O’Brien’s HotWhopper

Link to More on Miriam O’Brien’s HotWhopper.  Please add it to your favorites. The following is a cross post of the introductory post at MoreOnMiriam’s: You can call this new blog a spawn of a spawn, if you like. Miriam … Continue reading

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Quicky Mid-November 2014 ENSO Update

AUSTRALIA’S BOM UPGRADES ENSO TRACKER STATUS TO EL NIÑO ALERT On November 18, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) upgraded the conditions in the tropical Pacific from El Niño “watch” to “alert” levels, “indicating at least a 70% chance of El Niño … Continue reading

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