Introducing a New Blog – More on Miriam O’Brien’s HotWhopper

Link to More on Miriam O’Brien’s HotWhopper.  Please add it to your favorites.

The following is a cross post of the introductory post at MoreOnMiriam’s:


You can call this new blog a spawn of a spawn, if you like. Miriam O’brien (also known as blogger Sou) was banished from WattsUpWithThat (WUWT) a couple of years ago for being a troll. Since then, her blog HotWhopper has acquired new focuses: authors of the posts at WattsUpWithThat and the visitors there.

In this post, I’m not going to express my opinions on the general debate tactics Miriam O’Brien uses at her blog HotWhopper. If you’ve made it here, you understand. But I will say…

In addition to arguing about the content of a WUWT blog post, Miriam O’Brien had amazed many people with her quoting the comments from the thread and then remarking about them.

But Miriam O’Brien has now reached a new level of rudeness by writing posts, not about the content of the WUWT posts themselves, but solely about the comments on threads. The following are two (archived) examples:

Please understand I’m not defending the comments Miriam has chosen, and I definitely am NOT agreeing with her. I simply find her tactic incredibly rude. It’s that new level of rudeness that prompted me to create this blog.

The comments are open here. I am not going to moderate each comment, but comments with 3 or more links will be held for moderation, so keep that in mind. In fact, there may be many threads on which I elect not to comment. Anyone is welcome to comment, but remember, if you have to rely on ad homs and rudeness, you’ve lost the argument. Not only are comments open to visitors at WattsUpWithThat, they’re also open to those who normally visit Miriam O’Brien’s HotWhopper. As I said before, anyone is welcome to comment.

Every day I will wander over to HotWhopper and I will prepare a very simple blog post. The title of my blog post will be the same as Miriam O’Brien’s at HotWhopper, but I’ll preface it with “Miriam O’Brien says”. The content of my blog post will then be very simple. I’ll list and link the WUWT blog post Miriam has chosen to argue about. Then I’ll provide a link to an archived version of Miriam’s post. Visitors here at MoreOnMiriamO’Brien’s can then read Miriam O’Brien’s post without sending her any traffic. Bloggers from WUWT can also see if Miriam O’Brien has chosen to attack their comments.

I will end each post with (in boldface):

The comments are open…there’s no moderation, except for comments with 3 or more links. Please refrain from ad hominem comments.

See the first post:

Miriam O’Brien says: Deniers are weird at WUWT. ENSO is a BoM conspiracy!

That’s it. A nice, simple format. A place is now open for people from WUWT and HotWhopper to communicate directly with one another.

Y’all have a nice day, now.

Bob Tisdale

About Bob Tisdale

Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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3 Responses to Introducing a New Blog – More on Miriam O’Brien’s HotWhopper

  1. Thanks, Bob. But, a food fight? I’ll pass.

  2. catweazle666 says:


    I asked for no ad homs.


  3. Arska setä says:

    Hello Bob,
    I think that “Miriam whatever” isn´t worth of anything. Why even bother to open Blog to monitor her actions, it is waste of time.

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