Many Thanks to Kevin Trenberth for Being Open-Minded

UPDATE (Dec. 24, 2014):  Looks like someone at NCAR wasn’t as open minded as I thought.  The links at Kevin Trenberth’s media page to my blog have been removed.  Good thing I archived it.

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We’ve discussed the work and opinions of NCAR’s Dr. Kevin Trenberth in many blog posts over the years.  As recent examples, Trenberth’s opinions on the unusual warming in the extratropical North Pacific and on the possibility the PDO may have switched phases were discussed in Axel Timmermann and Kevin Trenberth Highlight the Importance of Natural Variability in Global Warming… (WattsUpWithThat cross post.) We discussed how in 2007 Dr. Trenberth revealed the weak underbellies of climate models in the post Seven Years Ago, An IPCC Lead Author Exposed Critical Weaknesses of the IPCC Foretelling Tools. (WUWT cross post.) And with respect to the possible impacts of the 2014/15 El Niño on global surface temperatures, we have the post The 2014/15 El Niño – Part 9 – Kevin Trenberth is Looking Forward to Another “Big Jump”. (WUWT cross post.)

I recall this subject coming up on one of the WUWT threads this year, but I wanted to write a post solely about this subject, to bring it to everybody’s attention.


I fully understand that this is not an endorsement by Dr. Trenberth but I also understand that this does not mean he’s disputing the content.   Under the heading of “Watts Up With That postings | January 31, 2014” on his Media webpage, Dr. Trenberth provides the titles and links to 11 of my blog posts, starting in January 2013 and ending in January 2014.

Watts Up With That postings | January 31, 2014

The first post is linked to a cross post at WattsUpWithThat.  The others are linked directly to my website Climate Observations.

Again, I do not take that as an endorsement of my work.  But I do find it extremely remarkable that a lead author of the IPCC’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Assessment Reports would link blog posts written by someone who’s a student of his work on ENSO, but at the same time skeptical of his beliefs on global warming and climate change. Remarkable.

Many thanks to Kevin Trenberth for being so open-minded.  It is unfortunate that there aren’t more climate scientists like him who are willing to present data-based findings that oppose their research.

Maybe someday, maybe when he retires, Dr. Trenberth and I can discuss ENSO and its long-term impacts on global surface temperatures and ocean heat.

(Just in case others at NCAR aren’t as open-minded, I’ve archived that webpage here.)

About Bob Tisdale

Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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3 Responses to Many Thanks to Kevin Trenberth for Being Open-Minded

  1. Congratulations, Bob. But don’t get too close, it might be contagious. 😉

  2. hswiseman says:

    Hard to believe that the today’s Trenberth is the same guy who actually did some good science back in the day.

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