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NOAA Announcement: CO2 Concentration Surpasses 400ppm “for the first month since measurements began”

Yesterday, in the press release Greenhouse gas benchmark reached, NOAA announced: Global carbon dioxide concentrations surpass 400 parts per million for the first month since measurements began. The press release begins:

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Climate Change – New and Failed The-End-Is-Nigh Predictions

Michael Bastasch at TheDailyCaller recently penned an amusing article titled the 25 Years of Predicting The Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’.  It’s an enjoyable read, beginning:

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Mainstream Media Fails to Fact Check a Climate-Change Story…Once Again

Someday, probably not too soon, the mainstream media will come to realize something important.  They need to perform a few simple fact checks on climate change-related claims in their articles.  When readily available data falsify a claim made in the … Continue reading

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What Animals Are Likely to Go Extinct First Due to Climate Change?

I ran across that headline in Google News today. With the thought, what animals would I like to see go extinct first due to climate change? I had great hopes for the answer.

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