NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center is ‘sharpening their knives’ to cut ‘the pause’ from the global temperature record

I believe you will thoroughly enjoy the post Anthony is discussing here. I will cross post it at ClimateObservations at 2PM eastern tomorrow.


Watts Up With That?

People send me stuff. What I received reminded me of this famous quote from NCDC’s Dr. Tom Peterson back in 2011

In this case multiple sources have sent me a press release and advance copies of a paper that would easily qualify Dr. Peterson’s remark.

Tomorrow at 2PM EDT, there will be a press release from the American Association for the advancement of Science (AAAS) about a paper from NCDC published in the journal Science. Since there is an embargo in place, and while I got the information second hand and am not bound by the terms of its advance release to journalists, I’m still going to honor that embargo. So, I can’t give the title or anything else about it, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Why? Well despite the embargo, the paper and the press release that goes with it is quietly being circulated among…

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About Bob Tisdale

Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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5 Responses to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center is ‘sharpening their knives’ to cut ‘the pause’ from the global temperature record

  1. Anto says:

    Looking forward to NOAA tying themselves in a Gordian Knot.

  2. Thanks, Bob. I’ll be watching.

  3. JPeden says:

    This ought to be fun!

  4. The endless story of data manipulation from NOAA/NCDC, NASA/GISS and MetOffice/Hadley/CRU…
    ” A computer programmer named E. Michael Smith and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist named Joseph D’Aleo join the program to tell us about their breakthrough investigation into the manipulations of data at the NASA Goddard Science and Space Institute at Columbia University in New York and the NOAA National Climate Data Center in Ashville, North Carolina….”
    I wrote about in 2010:

    The facts during the UN World Climate Conference in Bonn/Germany until the11th of June 2015:
    Global temperatures are falling since Super El Nino 1998 with the Satellite data from RSS:

    Both icecaps of the earth are growing last two years, antarctic sea ice extent is at record high levels in May 2015, like it did a year before:

    Global sea ice extent has a “Pause” almost 15 years:

    The sunspot acticity is slowing down since 2003 at an earth cooling value beneath 50 to a markeble lower average of SN 38,3:

    The IPCC-models are WRONG!

    When will these Climate-IPCC-Clowns be stopped…?


  5. essedelendam says:

    #Geoengineering: Single Strategy #Scam!
    #climate #CO2 #H2O #HAARP #SRM #Bankster #Empire #faith

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