Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Subject:   Has the UN’s Human-Induced Global Warming/Climate Change Movement Always Been Based on International “anti-growth, anti-capitalist, anti-American” Agendas?

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing you this open letter to ask you for your insights into the “anti-growth, anti-capitalist, anti-American” agendas behind the international catastrophic human-induced global warming/climate change movement, as discussed by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her 2002 memoire Statecraft.

First, my background: I am a regular contributor to the “World’s most-viewed site on global warming and climate change”, a website called WattsUpWithThat. The topics I normally discuss in my articles include:

  • Climate models are not simulating Earth’s climate,
  • When presented appropriately, climate model outputs clearly show that the climate science community still cannot differentiate between human-induced and naturally occurring global warming, and
  • Since the early 1980s, surface temperature data clearly and strongly suggest that the surfaces of the global oceans warmed in response to naturally occurring ocean-atmosphere processes, not as a result of greenhouse gas emissions.

In my recently published short story Dad, Why Are You A Global Warming Denier?: A Short Story That’s Right for The Times, I discussed those topics, and I also presented a topic that’s new to me: the politics behind the international global warming/climate change movement appear to be based on agendas that have no relationship to global warming or climate change.

For the political aspects of my short story, I relied on numerous lengthy quotes from Margaret Thatcher’s memoire Statecraft that were included under the heading of HOT AIR AND GLOBAL WARMING.

The following are two of those quotes from Thatcher’s Statecraft.

The first paragraph under the heading of HOT AIR AND GLOBAL WARMING reads (my boldface):

The doomsters’ favorite subject today is climate change. This has a number of attractions for them. First, the science is extremely obscure so they cannot easily be proved wrong. Second, we all have ideas about the weather: traditionally, the English on first acquaintance talk of little else. Third, since clearly no plan to alter climate could be considered on anything but a global scale, it provides a marvellous excuse for worldwide, supra-national socialism.

As one of the characters in my short story says in response to the highlighted last sentence, “‘Worldwide, supra-national socialism’? That would fly like a lead balloon here in the States.”

Also, next is a paragraph written by the Iron Lady in Statecraft that you may find interesting, in light of your withdrawal from the subsequent Paris Agreement (my boldface):

Actually, President Bush was quite right to reject the Kyoto protocol.  His predecessor had supported it for international effect, while knowing its provisions made it a dead letter at home: the US Senate had voted unanimously on the matter.  The protocol would have placed all the burden for reduction of CO2 on developed countries, while leaving the developing countries — including India and China — to keep producing it at a rapidly growing rate.  America’s target for cuts was totally unrealistic — a 7 per cent reduction of overall emissions of greenhouse gases below 1990 levels between 2008 and 2012.  And all this is before anyone considers the scientific arguments about why and to what extent global warming is occurring. Kyoto was an anti-growth, anti-capitalist, anti-American project which no American leader alert to his country’s national interests could have supported.

If the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher believed the Kyoto Protocol was “anti-growth, anti-capitalist, anti-American” and that President George W Bush was right to reject it, do you believe the esteemed Prime Minister would have had similar thoughts about the subsequent wealth-distributing Paris Agreement, and that you, Mr. President, were right to reject it, too?

That brings me to my subject question: Has the UN’s Human-Induced Global Warming/Climate Change Movement always been based on International “anti-growth, anti-capitalist, anti-American” Agendas?

I am very interested your views on these matters.

In closing, I thought of you many times, Mr. President, while writing Dad, Why Are You A Global Warming Denier?

Most Respectfully,

Bob Tisdale

About Bob Tisdale

Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.
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3 Responses to Open Letter to President Donald Trump

  1. nzrobin says:

    Hi Bob, Happy New Year. You have certainly started the year well. And I wish you good health, success with all your scientific and commercial ventures. I bought a copy of your kindle book as soon as I noticed you on my RSS feed which has been sitting dormant for a long time. Very glad I left your link there. I was so amused by the part where your daughter describes your favourite past times, not TV sport, not golf, the typical favourites, but reading and learning.
    As soon as I read that bit, I had to share my kindle/iPad with my nearly 24 year old daugher too. She laughed at that and said that’s just like you Dad. My daughter has just completed degrees in chemistry and statistics and a year of teacher training. She will be reading your book too. Thanks so much for your work. I really do hope that Your President reads your letter and that you can have a conversation with him.

  2. Bob Tisdale says:

    Hi nzrobin. Thank you for the personal feedback. That was very nice of you.

    So far today, I haven’t had any visitors to my website from the offices of POTUS…or from the State Department for that matter. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. It was two administrations ago. I guess I haven’t tweaked the right people for a long time. But I’ll keep trying occasionally.


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