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Global Mean Surface Temperature: Early 20th Century Warming Period – Models versus Models & Models versus Data

This is a long post: 3500+ words and 22 illustrations. Regardless, heretics of the church of human-induced global warming who frequent this blog should enjoy it.  Additionally, I’ve uncovered something about the climate models stored in the CMIP5 archive that … Continue reading

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Deep Ocean Warming in Degrees C

In recent weeks and months, there’s been a run of papers—with typical mainstream media misinforming embellishments—about improved estimates of the warming of the oceans…and blog posts about them. One thing common to the papers is the use of the metric … Continue reading

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Mao et al 2019 Show an Upcoming 1-Deg C + Decline in Global Land Surface Temperatures by the Early 2100s

This is a quick introduction to the 2019 paper The “Ocean Stabilization Machine” May Represent a Primary Factor Underlying the Effect of Global Warming on Climate Change by Mao et al. (pdf here). I believe many visitors here would find … Continue reading

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Does The Climate-Science Industry Purposely Ignore A Simple Aspect of Strong El Niño Events That Causes Long-Term Global Warming?

PREFACE It was a little more than 10 years ago that I published my first blog posts on the obvious upward steps in the sea surface temperatures of a large portion of the global oceans…upward steps that are caused by … Continue reading

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Greenland Near-Surface Land Air Temperature Data from Berkeley Earth Present Some Surprises

I enjoy surprises in data, especially when they might make alarmists unhappy. Willis Eschenbach’s post Greenland Is Way Cool at WattsUpWithThat prompted me to take a look at the Berkeley Earth edition of the Greenland TAVG temperature data.  See Figure … Continue reading

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