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Research interest: the long-term aftereffects of El Niño and La Nina events on global sea surface temperature and ocean heat content. Author of the ebook Who Turned on the Heat? and regular contributor at WattsUpWithThat.

Climate Models Fail: Global Ocean Heat Content (Based on TOA Energy Imbalance)

OVERVIEW    I recently presented the modeled energy imbalance at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) in the post No Consensus: Earth’s Top of Atmosphere Energy Imbalance in CMIP5-Archived (IPCC AR5) Climate Models.  As you’ll recall, there was a very wide spread … Continue reading

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July 2015 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly & Model-Data Difference Update

This post provides an update of the values for the three primary suppliers of global land+ocean surface temperature reconstructions—GISS through July 2015 and HADCRUT4 and NCEI (formerly NCDC) through June 2015—and of the two suppliers of satellite-based lower troposphere temperature … Continue reading

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Halfway to Hell? – Alarmists are Growing Desperate in Their Efforts to Influence Public Opinion

INTRODUCTION Apparently, based initially on a 1975 “first intuition” by an economist (not a climate scientist), politicians have sought to limit global surface warming to 2 deg C above pre-industrial levels by restricting greenhouse gas emissions. To that end, those politicians created the … Continue reading

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August 2015 Update for The Blob

This post provides background information and a quick update on the naturally occurring warming event in the eastern North Pacific known as The Blob. Not just any blob, The Blob. Figure 1

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July 2015 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

MONTHLY SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE ANOMALY MAP The following is a Global map of Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies for July 2015. It was downloaded from the KNMI Climate Explorer. The contour range was set to -2.5 to +2.5 … Continue reading

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No Consensus: Earth’s Top of Atmosphere Energy Imbalance in CMIP5-Archived (IPCC AR5) Climate Models

This post provides an initial look at climate model simulations of the top of the atmosphere (TOA) energy budget and its three components. It includes the outputs of the climate models stored in the CMIP5 archive (used by the IPCC … Continue reading

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August 2015 ENSO Update – Another Westerly Wind Burst in Late July Should Help El Niño Evolve

This post provides an update of many of the ENSO-related variables we presented as part of last year’s 2014-15 El Niño Series.  The reference years for comparison graphs in this post are 1997 and 2014, which are the development years … Continue reading

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Quicky Early August 2015 ENSO Update: NINO3.4 Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Still Just Above the Threshold of a Strong El Niño

The post provides a look at the most recent weekly sea surface temperature anomalies for the equatorial Pacific.  It also includes a Hovmoller diagram of the wind stress (not anomalies) along the equator…to confirm that there was another westerly wind … Continue reading

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Ocean Heat: New Study Shows Climate Scientists Can Still Torture Data until the Data Confess

A week or so ago, a troll left a link at my blog to a supposed-to-be-alarming blog post about a new climate study of ocean heat content. According to the study, a revised method of tweaking ocean heat reconstructions has … Continue reading

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Yet Even More Nonsense from Grant Foster (Tamino) et al. on the Bias Adjustments in the New NOAA Pause-Buster Sea Surface Temperature Dataset

UPDATE: It was pointed out in a comment that the model-data comparison in the post was skewed. I was comparing modeled marine air temperature minus modeled sea surface temperature anomalies to observed night marine air temperature minus sea surface temperature … Continue reading

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