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Thank You AndThenThere’sPhysics

UPDATE:  Looks like a couple of skeptics have joined the discussions on the Bob Tisdale is Wrong thread at AndThenThere’sPhysics. Thanks, gymnosperm and   Wish I could join you, but my additional presence would not be well-received. # # # Just wanted … Continue reading

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More On Miriam O’Brien’s Misunderstandings at HotWhopper

This is the second in a series of posts about the blog HotWhopper, specifically about the misunderstandings about climate-science basics displayed by its author and proprietor Miriam O’Brien (a.k.a Sou from Bundangawoolarangeera).   The first in the series was Open Letter … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Miriam O’Brien of HotWhopper (a.k.a. Sou)

UPDATE: Miriam responded in depth (?). See update at end of post for links. # # # Date: October 5, 2014 Subject: Thank You for Admitting You Were Clueless From: Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations and Regular Contributor at WattsUpWithThat … Continue reading

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WOW! – How Many Fabrications, Misrepresentations, etc., Can One Blogger Roll into One Blog Post?

I always find Sou’s (a.k.a. Miriam O’Brien) posts at HotWhopper entertaining.   She normally is only capable of the Monty Python contradiction approach to argument.  When you read her posts in a Monty Python-light, they are very funny. Try it.  But … Continue reading

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A Willful Misleader Leading Those Who Wish to Be Misled

I rarely if ever paid attention to Sou’s (Miriam O’Brien’s) comments when she regularly disrupted threads at WattsUpWithThat…prior to her being permanently banned there.  And I try not to pay attention to her senseless rants at her blog HotWhopper, responding … Continue reading

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RealClimate Co-Founder Exposes His Inability to Grasp Complex Subjects

And most regulars will recall William Connolley. Connolley’s likely best known for his hijinks as a former editor at Wikipedia. (See the WattsUpWithThat posts here, here, here, here, here, here here….and here.) But Connolley is also a former climate modeler … Continue reading

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Why Few Find Sou at Hot Whopper to be Credible

In response to a lot of nonsense that was being published about Typhoon Haiyan, I published the post Typhoon Haiyan Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies for Early Storm Track.  The post was not about tropical cyclones in general nor about the recipe … Continue reading

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