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UPDATED: Do the Adjustments to Land Surface Temperature Data Increase the Reported Global Warming Rate?

This is an update of the post published a week ago here (WattsUpWithThat cross post is here). That earlier post included “raw” unadjusted data based on an outdated version of the NOAA GHCN dataset. This updated post includes annual land … Continue reading

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Do the Adjustments to Land Surface Air Temperature Data Increase the Global Warming Rate?

Quick Answer:  Over the long term, the answer is yes, and the differences between datasets are striking. Over shorter terms, the answer depends on the data supplier. INTRODUCTION This is the second in a 2-part series of blog posts.  We examined … Continue reading

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November 2013 Russian “Hotspot” – Alarmists Are Overlooking Something

UPDATE:  Corrected the typo in Figure 3. 1988 now correctly reads 1989. # # # There’s lots of blogosphere chatter about the warm temperatures in Russia in November 2013.  In their global State of the Climate Report this month, NOAA … Continue reading

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Models Fail: Scandinavian Land Surface Air Temperature Anomalies

UPDATE:  I’ve added a comment by Marcel Crok to the end of the post. #### The climate models being used by the IPCC for their upcoming 5th Assessment Report show little skill at being able to simulate a number of … Continue reading

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Model-Data Comparison: Australia Land Surface Air Temperatures & Anomalies

UPDATE:  Corrected Figures 2 through 6. UPDATE 2: Corrected the color-coding in the title block of Figure 4. (Thanks to blogger cassandraclub for noticing it.) UPDATE 3: I removed the word Anomalies from Figures 2, 3 and 4. And I’ve … Continue reading

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Model-Data Comparison: Alaska Land Surface Air Temperatures

Mainstream media and climate alarmist websites have been publishing a lot of nonsense about record and near-record surface temperatures in Alaska over the past few weeks. Near-record? Yup. Near-record. On June 25th, Sophia Rosenbaum penned the NBC News article Alaska … Continue reading

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On Muller et al (2013) “Decadal variations in the global atmospheric land temperatures”

I received an email yesterday morning advising me that Muller et al (2013) had been published. (Thanks, Marc.) The title of the paper is “Decadal variations in the global atmospheric land temperatures”. The abstract is here and a preprint version … Continue reading

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A Preliminary Look at Compo et al (2013)

The recent paper Compo et al (2013) is titled “Independent confirmation of global land warming without the use of station temperatures”. It’s in the preprint phase, and of course it’s paywalled. The abstract is here. It reads: Confidence in estimates … Continue reading

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The Contiguous U.S. Surface Air Temperature Data Through 2012 – Is the Recent Warming Trend Unusual?

UPDATE:  Fixed the date of the second trend period on Figure 3. It now reads the correct year. UPDATE 2:  For those visiting because of the Tamino’s recent (misdirection) post, refer to my response to it here. ################## There’s going to be a press conference … Continue reading

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Blog Memo to James Hansen Regarding GISS Southern Hemisphere Land Surface Temperature Data

Date: August 16, 2012 Subject: Southern Hemisphere GISS LOTI Land Surface Temperature Anomaly Data From: Bob Tisdale To: James Hansen – GISS Dear James: I discovered what appear to be an atypical upward step and a recent abnormal increase in … Continue reading

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