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Global Mean Surface Temperature: Early 20th Century Warming Period – Models versus Models & Models versus Data

This is a long post: 3500+ words and 22 illustrations. Regardless, heretics of the church of human-induced global warming who frequent this blog should enjoy it.  Additionally, I’ve uncovered something about the climate models stored in the CMIP5 archive that … Continue reading

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Tamino Resorts to Childish Attempts at Humor But Offers Nothing of Value

INITIAL NOTE:  This post includes a link to and title of a recent post by Tamino, in which he attempted sophomoric humor in an effort to amuse his audience.  While I realize responding to it at the same base level … Continue reading

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On the Use of the Multi-Model Mean

This is a reference post.  I’ll link to it in future model-data comparison posts, so that I don’t have to burden those posts with boilerplate.  The following is from Chapter 1.4 from my recently published ebook Climate Models Fail. I’ve … Continue reading

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