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Model-Data Comparison: Alaska Land Surface Air Temperatures

Mainstream media and climate alarmist websites have been publishing a lot of nonsense about record and near-record surface temperatures in Alaska over the past few weeks. Near-record? Yup. Near-record. On June 25th, Sophia Rosenbaum penned the NBC News article Alaska … Continue reading

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Model-Data Comparison: Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperatures and Diurnal Temperature Range (DTR)

This may appear to be an awkward time to present a model-data comparison. This post will appear between two excellent post at WattsUpWithThat, both of which discuss the flaws in the IPCC’s use of the multi-model ensemble mean. One post … Continue reading

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IPCC Models vs Observations – Land Surface Temperature Anomalies for the Last 30 Years on a Regional Basis

In two posts about a year ago and more recently in my book, we compared the satellite-based sea surface temperature anomalies and CMIP3-based climate model simulations on an ocean-basin basis. Refer to Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Versus IPCC Hindcasts/Projections … Continue reading

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This is a sticky post.  New posts are provided below it.   If the IPCC was Selling Manmade Global Warming as a Product, Would the FTC Stop their Deceptive Ads? is now available for color versions of Kindle readers ($7.99US), … Continue reading

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CMIP3 Models Versus 20th Century Land Surface Temperature Anomalies

I was writing the summary post for my recent series that compare observed Global Surface Temperatures to the IPCC and CMIP3 Climate Model outputs when I realized I had not presented Land Surface Temperature Anomaly comparisons. COMPARISONS This post illustrates … Continue reading

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