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On the Monumental Differences in Warming Rates between Global Sea Surface Temperature Datasets during the NOAA-Picked Global-Warming Hiatus Period of 2000 to 2014

UPDATE:  See the 2 updates under the heading of A QUICK OVERVIEW OF SHIP-BUOY BIAS ADJUSTMENTS. # # # Alternate Title:  NOAA Has a Sea Surface Temperature Dataset with an EVEN HIGHER Warming Rate than Their Full-of-Problems ERSST.v4 “Pause-Buster” Data … Continue reading

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The Oddities in NOAA’s New “Pause-Buster” Sea Surface Temperature Product – An Overview of Past Posts

UPDATE – I changed the title to better reflect the content. # # # NOAA revised their global surface temperature product in June 2015 to show more global warming during the post-1998 period. Those data manipulations supposedly ended the slowdown … Continue reading

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NOAA’s New “Pauses-Buster” Sea Surface Temperature Data – The Curiosities Extend into the 1st Half of the 20th Century…

…PLUS AN OBVIOUS ERROR IN THE NEW NOAA ERSST.V4 PAPER We’ve discussed NOAA’s new ERSST.v4 “pauses-buster” sea surface temperature reconstruction in a number of posts this year.  They are linked at the end of this post.  We can add yet … Continue reading

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Busting (or not) the mid-20th century global-warming hiatus

This article is also cross posted at Judith Curry’s ClimateEtc. # # # In previous posts at WattsUpWithThat and at my blog ClimateObservations, I’ve discussed the new NOAA “pause-buster” sea surface temperature dataset (ERSST.v4) a number of times since the … Continue reading

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Pause Buster SST Data: Has NOAA Adjusted Away a Relationship between NMAT and SST that the Consensus of CMIP5 Climate Models Indicate Should Exist?

In this post, we’re going to discuss one of the three adjustments with the greatest impacts on the new NOAA “pause buster” sea surface temperature dataset.   That is, I’m going to discuss and illustrate that NOAA based one of their … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Tom Karl of NOAA/NCEI Regarding “Hiatus Busting” Paper

UPDATE: See the note at the end of the post. Date: June 10, 2015 Subject: Karl et al. (2015) Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus and the Sea Surface Data that Support It From: … Continue reading

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More Curiosities about NOAA’s New “Pause Busting” Sea Surface Temperature Dataset

UPDATE 2: KNMI added the HadNMAT2 data to their Climate Explorer, so we no longer have to rely on my replication of data from a graph. See the update before the closing. # # # UPDATE: I was just informed … Continue reading

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NOAA/NCDC’s new ‘pause-buster’ paper: a laughable attempt to create warming by adjusting past data

This is a cross post from WattsUpWithThat. Did SNL’s Tommy Flanagan Oversee the New Surface Temperature Data? By Bob Tisdale and Anthony Watts, commentary from Dr. Judith Curry follows There is a new paper published the journal Science about the … Continue reading

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