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A Very Quick Introduction to NOAA’s New “Pause-Buster 2” Sea Surface Temperature Dataset ERSST.v5

I will soon be publishing again my Monthly Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly posts at my blog ClimateObservations and at WattsUpWithThat . Since my last update back in December 2015, NOAA has once again revised their Extended … Continue reading

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Do the Adjustments to Sea Surface Temperature Data Lower the Global Warming Rate?

Quick answer:  Over the long term, the answer is yes, but for shorter terms it depends on the sea surface temperature dataset and time period.  And in recent years, as most people understand, the adjustments increase global warming trends.

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On the Monumental Differences in Warming Rates between Global Sea Surface Temperature Datasets during the NOAA-Picked Global-Warming Hiatus Period of 2000 to 2014

UPDATE:  See the 2 updates under the heading of A QUICK OVERVIEW OF SHIP-BUOY BIAS ADJUSTMENTS. # # # Alternate Title:  NOAA Has a Sea Surface Temperature Dataset with an EVEN HIGHER Warming Rate than Their Full-of-Problems ERSST.v4 “Pause-Buster” Data … Continue reading

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Pause Buster SST Data: Has NOAA Adjusted Away a Relationship between NMAT and SST that the Consensus of CMIP5 Climate Models Indicate Should Exist?

In this post, we’re going to discuss one of the three adjustments with the greatest impacts on the new NOAA “pause buster” sea surface temperature dataset.   That is, I’m going to discuss and illustrate that NOAA based one of their … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Tom Karl of NOAA/NCEI Regarding “Hiatus Busting” Paper

UPDATE: See the note at the end of the post. Date: June 10, 2015 Subject: Karl et al. (2015) Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus and the Sea Surface Data that Support It From: … Continue reading

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More Curiosities about NOAA’s New “Pause Busting” Sea Surface Temperature Dataset

UPDATE 2: KNMI added the HadNMAT2 data to their Climate Explorer, so we no longer have to rely on my replication of data from a graph. See the update before the closing. # # # UPDATE: I was just informed … Continue reading

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A Couple of Notes about NOAA’s RTG (Real-Time Global) Sea Surface Temperature Data

Recently, Robert Grumbine of NOAA (who I believe blogs at MoreGrumbineScience) was kind enough to stop by ClimateObservations to note an error I had made in a comment back in October at WattsUpWithThat.   See my October 13, 2014 at 1:06am … Continue reading

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Has NOAA Once Again Tried to Adjust Data to Match Climate Models?

The topic of discussion is their new sea surface temperature dataset, ERSST.v4.  Based on a breakpoint analysis recently promoted by RealClimate, NOAA appears to have reduced the early 20th Century warming rate to agree with the climate models used by … Continue reading

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Quick Look at the DATA for the New NOAA Sea Surface Temperature Dataset

UPDATE: There was an error in the November 2014 update of the ERSST.v4 sea surface temperature data supplied by NOAA. It impacted the data presented in this post. It was not Nick Stokes’s or my error.  It was simply NOAA … Continue reading

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NOAA Is Updating Their Sea Surface Temperature Dataset

Why is that a big deal?  70% of NOAA’s land+ocean surface temperature dataset is sea surface temperature data. NOAA recently published the first of the papers describing the latest update of their ERSST dataset.  The new version is called, logically, … Continue reading

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