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January 2015 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

INITIAL NOTES Note 1: The NOAA NOMADS servers are still off line.  NOAA replied to my email inquiry and advised that the NOMADS website will be down for an extended time period and there were no estimates for when they … Continue reading

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UPDATE:  As I was writing the post that was the subject of this one, I realized a few things: (1) it was way too long; (2) because it was too long, I needed to divide it into smaller posts…one of which is … Continue reading

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Ethics and Climate Change Policy – A New Paper from GWPF by Dr. Peter Lee

The following is the press release from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).  The paper is titled “Ethics and Climate Change Policy”.  The link to the paper is at its end. # # # Peter Lee: Ethics And Climate Change … Continue reading

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Greenpeace: We Spit on Your Sacred Spaces

Originally posted on NoFrakkingConsensus:
Desecrating cultural and religious monuments is normal Greenpeace behaviour. screengrab from the BBC website (click) Activism is about persuasion. It’s about using moral arguments to change people’s minds which, in turn, changes the world. For moral…

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When Emissions Disappear, So Do Jobs

Originally posted on NoFrakkingConsensus:
Jobs are good. A decent standard of living is good. Both generate emissions. Let’s get over it. I’ve written a new column for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Titled When Emissions Disappear, So Do Jobs,…

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Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you celebrating the holiday today, have a happy Thanksgiving. I will not be available to moderate comments here for most of the day and evening. So have patience if you leave one. It will eventually appear to … Continue reading

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My Temporary Pseudonym – A Little Deception Went a Long Way

For those of you following comments of on the “Bob Tisdale gets into a spot of hot water” thread at HotWhopper (archived link to most recent version), I have an announcement. I am (was) That is, I’ve been … Continue reading

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UNISYS pulls down map showing dramatic ocean cooling

Originally posted on Talking About the Weather:
As some have jested in the climate blogosphere, UNISYS’ recent SST anomaly map looked like the onset of an ice age. UNISYS has pulled the product down for the time being, citing data…

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September 2014 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly Update

My apologies to those who receive email notifications of a new post. I accidentally clicked the “publish” button before uploading the text and graphs.  So there was nothing wrong with your email notification.  My mistake.  Sorry. # # # This … Continue reading

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More Than 310 Thousand People with Skewed Priorities Flood New York

The numbers are rolling in…and they’re impressive in a odd way. Based on numerous news reports, somewhere in the neighborhood of 310 to 400 thousand people participated in the People’s Climate March on Sunday, September 21, 2014 in New York City.  … Continue reading

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