Do Doomsters Know How Much Global Surface Temperatures Cycle Annually?

Alternate Title: The Annual Cycle in Global Land+Ocean Surface Temperature IS Far Greater Than 1.5 Deg C, AND Much-Much-MUCH Greater Than 1.5 Deg C Annually for Global Land Air Surface Temperatures Continue reading

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FRIDAY FUNNY – At Long Last, Kevin Trenberth’s Missing Heat May Have Been Found! Repeat, May Have Been

UPDATED: See the update at the end of the post about climate sensitivity.

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Alternate title: Press Release Plus Mainstream Media & Blogosphere Responses to Resplandy et al. 2018

Before we get to the fun stuff, the paper being discussed in this post is Resplandy et al. 2018 Quantification of ocean heat uptake from changes in atmospheric O2 and CO2 composition (paywalled). Its abstract reads (without footnotes): Continue reading

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Another Look at Michael Crichton’s ‘State of Fear’ – Part 1

SUBTITLE: Nobody Knows How Much of the Global Surface Warming from 1861 to 2005 Is Human-induced or Naturally Occurring. Climate Scientists Are Only Guessing. And Their Guesses Are Based on How They Program Their Computer Models to Meet the Expectations and Political Agendas of the Politicians Providing the Funding for the Computer-Modeling Efforts Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Yet Another Celeb Chimes in on Climate Change

This time it’s George R.R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, on which HBO based its TV series Game of Thrones. For this post, I originally wrote Mr. Martin a long open letter but had second thoughts when another idea struck, an idea that readers here could have fun with. Continue reading

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September 2018 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly Update

This post provides updates of the values for the three primary suppliers of global land+ocean surface temperature reconstructions—GISS through September 2018 and HADCRUT4 and NOAA NCEI (formerly NOAA NCDC) through August 2018—and of the two suppliers of satellite-based lower troposphere temperature composites (RSS and UAH) through September 2018. It also includes a few model-data comparisons. Continue reading

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The New RSS TLT Data is Unbelievable! (Or Would That Be Better Said, Not Believable?) A quick Introduction

In advance of my September 2018 global surface and lower troposphere temperature anomaly update, this is a very quick introduction to the new (over a year old) lower troposphere temperature anomaly data from RSS (Remote Sensing Systems)…just three graphs.

Continue reading

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A Very Quick Introduction to NOAA’s New “Pause-Buster 2” Sea Surface Temperature Dataset ERSST.v5

I will soon be publishing again my Monthly Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly posts at my blog ClimateObservations and at WattsUpWithThat . Since my last update back in December 2015, NOAA has once again revised their Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature dataset, from the “PAUSE-BUSTER” ERSST.v4 version to ERSST.v5, the latter of which I’ve appropriately dubbed NOAA’s “PAUSE-BUSTER 2” sea surface temperature data.

Because NOAA NCEI and GISS now use the new NOAA ERSST.v5 data in their global land+ocean surface temperature anomaly products, we’ll take a quick look at this new NOAA ERSST dataset. This is a quick introduction with only two comparison graphs.  I’ll expand the examination of the new “Pause-Buster 2” ERSST.v5 data sometime in the future.

Continue reading

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Nothing Unprecedented about The Sea Surface Temperatures for Tropical Storm-Hurricane Florence’s Full Storm Track

It’s been a couple of weeks since Hurricane Florence made landfall as a Category 1 storm. The weakening from a Category 4 storm must’ve really tweaked alarmists.

NOAA just updated their much-adjusted ERSST.v5 sea surface temperature dataset to include September 2018 data. So let’s take a look at the September sea surface temperature anomalies for Florence’s full storm track.  Continue reading

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August 2018 Hurricane Region Sea Surface Temperatures, in Advance of the Peak Hurricane Month and Florence Making Landfall, Assuming She Does

September is upon us, and September is the peak month for hurricane activity in the North Atlantic. (See the NOAA Hurricane Climatology graph via Wikipedia.)  So, to check the temperature conditions leading up to the peak month, let’s take a look at the August 2018 sea surface temperatures anomalies and sea surface temperatures for the hurricane development regions—Main Development Region (10N-20N, 80W-20W), Caribbean (10N-20N, 86W-60W), and Gulf of Mexico (21N-31N, 98W-81W)—along with those of the waters along the east coast of the United States (24N-40N, 80W-70W).  For the geographically impaired, see the map here for the locations of those regions. Continue reading

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Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies of the Patch of Warmer-Than-Normal Waters in the North Atlantic

With Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence approaching the continental United States, the patch of warmer-than-normal waters at mid-latitudes of the North Atlantic (see Figure 1) is sure to generate some nonsensical statements about human-induced global warming-climate change from the mainstream media and alarmists. Continue reading

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