White House Releases Plan to Lower Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The press release from the White House, Office of the Press Secretary is here.  It reads:

FACT SHEET: U.S. Reports its 2025 Emissions Target to the UNFCCC

State Department Submits President Obama’s Ambitious 2025 Target to Cut U.S. Climate Pollution by 26-28 Percent from 2005 Levels

To view the INDC submission, click HERE.

Building on the strong progress made under President Obama to curb the emissions that are driving climate change and lead on the international stage, Continue reading

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Richard Tol’s Excellent Summary of the Flaws in Cook et al. (2013) – The Infamous 97% Consensus Paper

It’s been almost 2 years since Cook et al. (2013) Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature was published. If you’re like me, you’ve lost track of the paper’s flaws, there were just so many, and how it is misrepresented, which is most of the time.  Richard Tol has published an excellent summary of Cook et al. (2013) in his blog post Global warming consensus claim does not stand up (author’s cut).  An edited version appeared in the Australian on March 24, 2015.

Richard’s post begins: Continue reading

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A Couple of Notes about NOAA’s RTG (Real-Time Global) Sea Surface Temperature Data

Recently, Robert Grumbine of NOAA (who I believe blogs at MoreGrumbineScience) was kind enough to stop by ClimateObservations to note an error I had made in a comment back in October at WattsUpWithThat.   See my October 13, 2014 at 1:06am reply to blogger James Abbott.  In that comment, I called the NOAA RTG (Real-Time Global) sea surface temperature data a reanalysis.  That was an error on my part. The NOAA RTG SST data are not a reanalysis.

Here’s Robert Grumbine’s comment (my boldface): Continue reading

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February 2015 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly & Model-Data Difference Update

This post provides an update of the data for the three primary suppliers of global land+ocean surface temperature data—GISS through February 2015 and HADCRUT4 and NCDC through January 2015—and of the two suppliers of satellite-based lower troposphere temperature data (RSS and UAH) through February 2015. Continue reading

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Bad News for Trenberth’s Missing Heat – New Study Finds the Deep Oceans Cooled from 1992 to 2011 and…

…that some of the warming nearer to the surface came from the deep ocean.

The paper is Liang et al. (2015) Vertical Redistribution of Oceanic Heat Content.  The abstract reads (my boldface): Continue reading

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February 2015 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update


The following is a Global map of Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies for February 2015.  It was downloaded from the KNMI Climate Explorer. The contour range was set to -2.5 to +2.5 deg C.

00 Map

February 2015 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomalies Map

(Global SST Anomaly = +0.169 deg C)


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The 2014-15 El Niño – Part 23 – NOAA’s Forward-Looking El Niño Advisory Was Also Dictated by Conditions since Last September

After many months of borderline El Niño conditions in the tropical Pacific, yesterday NOAA finally declared an El Niño was occurring. See Anthony Watts’s post NOAA Claims: ‘Elusive El Niño arrives’ – the question is, ‘where’? at WattsUpWithThat. It includes a number of items like the announcement by NOAA, NOAA’s El Niño decision flowchart, and a couple Twitter exchanges.

Emily Becker’s post March 2015 ENSO discussion: El Niño is here at the NOAA ENSO blog expands on many of the discussions.  It includes the following (click on the links for illustrations and further discussion): Continue reading

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Another Couple of Notes about Michael Mann’s “Faux Pause” Post and Steinman et al. 2015

We discussed Steinman et al. (2015) and Michael Mann’s post about it at RealClimate in the article On Steinman et al. (2015) – Michael Mann and Company Redefine Multidecadal Variability And Wind Up Illustrating Climate Model Failings. This brief post adds to that discussion.


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Believe It or Not There Are Plans for a 6th Assessment Report from the IPCC

The IPCC press release IPCC takes decisions on future work dated 17 February 2015 begins: Continue reading

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On Steinman et al. (2015) – Michael Mann and Company Redefine Multidecadal Variability And Wind Up Illustrating Climate Model Failings

UPDATE: I’ve changed the title. This better represents the post.
# # #
For the past few years, we’ve been showing in numerous blog posts that the observed multidecadal variations in sea surface temperatures of the North Atlantic (known as the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation) are not represented by the forced components of the climate models stored in the CMIP5 archive (which were used by the IPCC for their 5th Assessment Report).  We’ve done this by using the Trenberth and Shea (2006) method of determining the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, in which global sea surface temperature anomalies (60S-60N) are subtracted from the sea surface temperature anomalies of the North Atlantic (0-60N, 80W-0).  As shown in Figure 1, sea surface temperature data show multidecadal variations in the North Atlantic above and beyond those of the global data, while the climate model outputs, represented by the multi-model mean of the models stored in the CMIP5 archive, do not. (See the post here regarding the use of the multi-model mean.)  We’ll continue to use the North Atlantic as an example throughout this post for simplicity sake. Continue reading

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