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CMIP5 Model-Data Comparison: Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

UPDATE:  Corrected a few typos.  One appeared in Figure 1, which I corrected and replaced.  Thanks to Werner Brozek for finding them. As we’ve seen in numerous model-data comparisons, there are few similarities between modeled and observed surface temperatures and … Continue reading

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My Essay and eBooks

This is was a sticky post for the top of the main page.  It’s for visitors looking for links to my essay and ebooks about the natural warming of the global oceans. ESSAY (Free) “The Manmade Global Warming Challenge” is … Continue reading

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CMIP5 (IPCC AR5) Climate Models: Modeled Relationship between Marine Air Temperature and Sea Surface Temperature Is Wrong – (CORRECTION: It’s Not Wrong)

UPDATE 2 (February 27, 2013): A problem was discovered with how the KNMI Climate Explorer had processed the MOHMAT data used originally in this post. KNMI has now corrected the bug. In turn, the modeled relationship between marine air temperature … Continue reading

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JMA Monitors a Couple of Atypical Sea Surface Temperature-Based ENSO Indices and Provides Climate Tendency Maps per Index

OVERVIEW Many people use NOAA and Australia’s BOM websites to monitor El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and to examine maps of where ENSO events impact regional temperature and precipitation. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) also monitors ENSO, but they present 3 sea … Continue reading

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Mid-February 2013 Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

The sea surface temperature anomalies of the NINO3.4 region of the equatorial Pacific (5S-5N, 170W-120W) are a commonly used metric for the frequency, strength and duration of El Niño and La Niña events. For the week centered on Wednesday February 13, … Continue reading

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A Look at the New (and Improved?) GISS Land-Ocean Temperature Index Data

UPDATE to Figure 1:  The color coding of the NCDC and HADCRUT trend lines were wrong. I corrected (switched) them. Thanks, Donald L. Klipstein. ####### GISS prepares the land surface air temperature data for their Land-Ocean Temperature Index (LOTI) dataset, … Continue reading

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TinyPic-Linked Images in Older Posts Get Replaced from Time to Time

I had used TinyPic as the host of many of my images, even after I switched to WordPress from Google BlogSpot. Occasionally, TinyPic replaces one of those images. Note: I’ve been uploading the images directly to WordPress for over a … Continue reading

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Update for “Blizzard Called Nemo” Post About Sea Surface Temperature Off Coast of New England

As the blizzard called Nemo was approaching New England on Friday February 8th, I published a post, the title of which explained the content: Dear Chicken Little: The Sky is Falling (It’s Snowing) But Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Off New … Continue reading

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Video: The Impact of Manmade Global Warming on a Blizzard Called Nemo and on Hurricane Sandy

The following video is an examination and discussion of the sea surface temperature data associated with the recent blizzard called Nemo, and with hurricane Sandy. There’s nothing unusual about those temperatures, and there’s no evidence of manmade global warming in … Continue reading

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January 2013 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

THE CURIOSITY THIS MONTH The sea surface temperature anomalies for the North Pacific in January 2012 dropped significantly in January 2013 (-0.21 deg C). Then again, the North Pacific can be quite volatile. Roy Spencer had mentioned that the recent … Continue reading

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