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ClimateProgress’s Joe Romm Is Promoting a Skeptical View of Global Warming: El Niño-Caused Steps

(And another proposal to Kevin Trenberth about us co-authoring a paper.) I wasn’t too surprised to find Joe Romm’s June 16, 2015 blog post 2015 May Bring Long-Awaited Step Jump in Global Temperatures at the climate alarmist website ClimateProgress. For … Continue reading

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Bad News for Trenberth’s Missing Heat – New Study Finds the Deep Oceans Cooled from 1992 to 2011 and…

…that some of the warming nearer to the surface came from the deep ocean. The paper is Liang et al. (2015) Vertical Redistribution of Oceanic Heat Content.  The abstract reads (my boldface):

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Many Thanks to Kevin Trenberth for Being Open-Minded

UPDATE (Dec. 24, 2014):  Looks like someone at NCAR wasn’t as open minded as I thought.  The links at Kevin Trenberth’s media page to my blog have been removed.  Good thing I archived it. # # # # We’ve discussed … Continue reading

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