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>Very Basic Introduction To The KNMI Climate Explorer

>UPDATE (January 2, 2010): I just received a reply to an email, and the always-helpful Geert Jan van Oldenborgh of KNMI suggested that I replot Figure 15 using the “gridbox” option instead of “shaded”. The “gridbox” option provides a better … Continue reading

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>PRELIMINARY December 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>Sorry for the delay. The December 2010 Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data through the NOAA NOMADS website won’t be official until January 10th. Refer to the schedule on the NOAA Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis Frequently Asked … Continue reading

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>Links To NODC Ocean Heat Content Posts

>The National Oceanographic Data Center calculated and maintains an OCEAN HEAT CONTENT (OHC) dataset. This is the dataset based on the Levitus et al (2009) paper “Global ocean heat content(1955-2008) in light of recent instrumentation problems”, Geophysical Research Letters. Refer … Continue reading

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>Happy Holidays

>Thanks to all who read and comment on my posts here and at WattsUpWithThat. I, like many people, will be spending most of my time with family over the next few days (until December 27th), so if comment moderation seems … Continue reading

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>TAO Project Sea Air And Sea Surface Temperature Data

>This is brief introduction to the TAO Project Sea Air and Sea Surface Temperature data that’s available through the KNMI Climate Explorer. The Monthly observations webpage of the KNMI Climate Explorer includes Sea Air Temperature and Sea Surface Temperature data … Continue reading

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>Hmmm. My Comment Got Deleted At Tamino’s “Not So” Open Mind

>Occasionally I will run a google blog search of my name to see who’s writing what about one of my posts. And when someone misses a point or misrepresents something, I reply. This morning I found that a commenter at … Continue reading

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>Mid-December 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>This mid-month update only includes the shorter-term NINO3.4 and global SST anomaly graphs; that is, the ones from January 2004 to present. There’s not much happening, other than both datasets appear to have reached their seasonal lows for this La … Continue reading

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>The ENSO-Related Variations In Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension (KOE) SST Anomalies And Their Impact On Northern Hemisphere Temperatures

>OVERVIEW This post provides brief background information about the Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension (KOE), and discusses the relationship between NINO3.4 SST anomalies and the SST anomalies of the KOE following major El Niño events. Using correlation maps the post also illustrates the … Continue reading

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>November 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>MONTHLY SST ANOMALY MAP The map of Global OI.v2 SST anomalies for November 2010 downloaded from the NOMADS website is shown below. With the exception of the South Atlantic, all ocean basins showed a decline in SST anomalies in November. … Continue reading

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