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Have The Poorest Countries Been Hit Hardest By Climate Change/Global Warming?

One of the constantly repeated, sympathy-seeking (and basis for wealth distribution) messages by politicians, by alarmists, by the mainstream media, and by brainwashed good-intentioned people, is that the world’s poorest countries have been hit hardest by human-induced global warming/climate change. … Continue reading

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More Curiosities about NOAA’s New “Pause Busting” Sea Surface Temperature Dataset

UPDATE 2: KNMI added the HadNMAT2 data to their Climate Explorer, so we no longer have to rely on my replication of data from a graph. See the update before the closing. # # # UPDATE: I was just informed … Continue reading

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NOAA/NCDC’s new ‘pause-buster’ paper: a laughable attempt to create warming by adjusting past data

This is a cross post from WattsUpWithThat. Did SNL’s Tommy Flanagan Oversee the New Surface Temperature Data? By Bob Tisdale and Anthony Watts, commentary from Dr. Judith Curry follows There is a new paper published the journal Science about the … Continue reading

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Climate Propaganda from the Australian Academy of Science

The Australia Academy of Science has recently published a Q&A about human-induced global warming titled The science of climate change.  Their press release is here.  Examples from around the blogosphere:

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Researchers Find Northeast Pacific Surface Warming (1900-2012) Caused By Changes in Atmospheric Circulation, NOT Manmade Forcings

UPDATE:  See the update at the end of the post. # # # This is a revisit of a paper already discussed in the WUWT post Surprising PNAS paper: CO2 emissions not the cause of U.S. West Coast warming.  We’re … Continue reading

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Arguments For and Against Human-Induced Ocean Warming

UPDATE: Corrected the percentage of ocean heat loss though evaporation. Update 2: I added a link to a post by Willis Eschenbach at the end, and I corrected a typo. # # # Ocean heat content and vertically averaged temperature … Continue reading

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The Tempering Effect of the Oceans on Global Warming

There are now 2 UPDATES at the end of the post. # # # This post presents a very simple way to illustrate the tempering effect of the oceans on global warming. The idea for this simple presentation came from … Continue reading

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Silly Headline of the Day – NYT: Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park

And the opening of the NewYorkTimes article reads: GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. — What will they call this place once the glaciers are gone? My suggestions are at the end of the post.

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Finally Some Reality from RealClimate – But, Unfortunately, They Remained Unreal about Some Things

The post Ocean heat storage: a particularly lousy policy target + Update at RealClimate finally presented a few realities of the global-warming metric known as ocean heat content—realities we have discussed numerous times.  But they weren’t completely open about it … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Miriam O’Brien of HotWhopper (a.k.a. Sou)

UPDATE: Miriam responded in depth (?). See update at end of post for links. # # # Date: October 5, 2014 Subject: Thank You for Admitting You Were Clueless From: Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations and Regular Contributor at WattsUpWithThat … Continue reading

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