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Nothing Unprecedented about The Sea Surface Temperatures for Tropical Storm-Hurricane Florence’s Full Storm Track

It’s been a couple of weeks since Hurricane Florence made landfall as a Category 1 storm. The weakening from a Category 4 storm must’ve really tweaked alarmists. NOAA just updated their much-adjusted ERSST.v5 sea surface temperature dataset to include September … Continue reading

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August 2018 Hurricane Region Sea Surface Temperatures, in Advance of the Peak Hurricane Month and Florence Making Landfall, Assuming She Does

September is upon us, and September is the peak month for hurricane activity in the North Atlantic. (See the NOAA Hurricane Climatology graph via Wikipedia.)  So, to check the temperature conditions leading up to the peak month, let’s take a look … Continue reading

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Hurricane Main Development Region of North Atlantic – Climate Model-Simulated Sea Surface Temperatures Are Too Cool

And Those Too-Cool Surface Temperatures Create Obvious Problems for Researchers UPDATE:  The closing has been revised. The sea surface temperatures of the tropical North Atlantic are one of many factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of hurricanes. In … Continue reading

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A Preliminary Look at the Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Since 1940 along Hurricane Joaquin’s Forecasted Storm Track

As of today’s 5am eastern NOAA forecast, Hurricane Joaquin may impact the east coast of the United States from North Carolina to New England, with it downgrading to a tropical storm by the time it nears New Jersey. See the cone … Continue reading

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Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Update – August 2014

The peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season is rapidly approaching.  See the NOAA Hurricane Climatology  graph to the right.  (Give it a click for a full-sized version.) Hurricane frequency tends to peak in mid-September. In the May 2014 post Hurricane … Continue reading

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Recent Hawaiian Tropical Cyclones – Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies of the Storm Tracks

It never fails.  Hurricanes and tropical cyclones always bring out the manmade global warming alarmists, with their claims of unusually warm sea surface temperatures along the storm tracks.  Of course those fictionally warmed sea surface temperatures were caused by rising … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Arthur – There Is Nothing Unusual About the Sea Surface Temperatures Off the East Coast of the U.S.

UPDATE (July 2, 2014):  See the correction at the end of the post. # # # This post was prepared in anticipation of the usual nonsense we hear whenever a tropical storm or hurricane forms and is expected to strike … Continue reading

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New from NOAA

UPDATE:  NOAA has corrected the typos in the illustrations at the new reanalysis intercomparison website. # # # # # NOAA opened two new blogs recently…and a new reanalysis intercomparison website, with a plethora of ENSO-related illustrations.

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Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies as We Start the 2014 Season

IMPORTANT OPENING NOTE Even if the sea surface temperature anomalies were to remain depressed throughout the 2014 hurricane season (highly unlikely), the actual sea surface temperatures (absolute) from June to November will rise to values capable of spawning hurricanes…a result of … Continue reading

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Mid-August Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

According to the NOAA National Hurricane Center, there are two low pressure systems in the tropical North Atlantic with good chances of becoming tropical storms. See Figure 1. In fact, in the eastern part of the main development region, Tropical … Continue reading

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