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THE POST HAS BEEN UPDATED. SEE THE UPDATE AT THE END OF THE POST: Alternate Title: An Average of Climate Models, Which Individually Give Wrong Answers, Cannot, By Averaging Them, Give the Right Answer, So A Model Mean Can Be … Continue reading

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What Was Earth’s Preindustrial Global Mean Surface Temperature, In Absolute Terms Not Anomalies, Supposed to Be?

And What Have the Average Temperatures of Earth’s Surfaces Been Recently in Absolute Terms, Not Anomalies? The answers may surprise you. THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED. The update is near the end of the post.

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Alarmists Will NOT Like This Part of the Recently Published U.S. Climate Science Special Report

Chapter 6 – Temperature Changes in the United States of the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s recently published Climate Science Special Report (2017) clearly shows and discusses, under the heading of “6.1.2 Temperature Extremes”, how temperature extremes for the contiguous … Continue reading

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October 2018 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly Update

As you’ll soon see, there was an eye-catching uptick (+0.25 deg C) in the GISS global Land-Ocean Temperature Index (LOTI) data from September to October 2018. We’ll have to wait for next month’s update to see if it also appears … Continue reading

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A Quick Post before the Monthly Global Surface and TLT Temperature Update

I’m adding Two Graphs to my Monthly Global Surface and TLT Temperature Updates. The new graphs are being added for a simple reason:  to provide different perspectives on the increases in global temperatures since 1979.

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A Must Read for Those Involved with the IPCC and Other Alarmists:

See Update 1 near the end of the post. # # # Hans Rosling’s book Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

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Do Doomsters Know How Much Global Surface Temperatures Cycle Annually?

Alternate Title: The Annual Cycle in Global Land+Ocean Surface Temperature IS Far Greater Than 1.5 Deg C, AND Much-Much-MUCH Greater Than 1.5 Deg C Annually for Global Land Air Surface Temperatures

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FRIDAY FUNNY – At Long Last, Kevin Trenberth’s Missing Heat May Have Been Found! Repeat, May Have Been

UPDATED: See the update at the end of the post about climate sensitivity. # # # Alternate title: Press Release Plus Mainstream Media & Blogosphere Responses to Resplandy et al. 2018 Before we get to the fun stuff, the paper … Continue reading

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