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IPCC Misrepresents the Instrument Temperature Record

OOPS! Corrected my errors in Figure 1 and 2 and in the text. (8 Oct 2013) # # # I included a copy of an illustration from the IPCC’s approved Summary for Policymakers for AR5 in my post IPCC Still … Continue reading

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No Matter How the CMIP5 (IPCC AR5) Models Are Presented They Still Look Bad

UPDATE:  I’ve added a comment to the end of the post about the use of 1990 as the start year. # # # After an initial look at how the IPCC elected to show their model-data comparison of global surface … Continue reading

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Questions the Media Should Be Asking the IPCC – The Hiatus in Warming

UPDATE: Jo Nova introduced her cross post Six question the media should be asking the IPCC: It’s clear science journalists need some help. The IPCC are saying “The ocean ate my global warming” and most environment reporters just cut-n-paste this … Continue reading

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Side-By-Side Comparison of Draft and Final IPCC AR5 SPM on Warming Plateau and Attribution

The following table compares the IPCC’s discussions of the warming plateau and attribution from the final draft (7Jun2013) and the approved final version (27Sep2013) of the IPCC’s AR5 Summary for Policymakers.  It appears the politician agreed to delete the attribution … Continue reading

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