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>GISS Acknowledges Addition of ERSST.v3b Data To Their GISTEMP “Options”

>I had noted the addition of ERSST.v3b SST dataset to the GISTEMP map-making webpage back in the February 25, 2010 post WHEN DID GISS ADD ERSST.v3b DATA TO THEIR MAP-MAKING WEB PAGE? This month, GISS posted a link to the … Continue reading

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>Which Has The Greater Impact On Global SST Anomalies, The Rise In The SST Anomalies Of The Arctic Ocean Or The Decrease In The Southern Ocean?

>This post illustrates an observation I’ve made a number of times while investigating other subjects, so I thought I’d post it. It shows the relative strengths of the polar SST anomalies. Using the NCDC’s Optimum Interpolation (OI.v2) SST Anomaly dataset, … Continue reading

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>PRELIMINARY March 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>The official March 2010 SST data through the NOAA NOMADS website won’t be official until Monday April 5th. Refer to the schedule on the NOAA Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis Frequently Asked Questions webpage. The following are the preliminary … Continue reading

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>The Inverted ENSO Signal In The SST Residuals Of The East Indian And West Pacific Ocean

>OVERVIEW This post illustrates an inverted ENSO signals contained within the Global SST anomaly dataset, using SST anomaly residuals for the East Indian and West Pacific Oceans. SST anomaly residuals in this post are defined as the SST anomalies for … Continue reading

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>Absolute Land Surface Temperature Reanalysis

UPDATE (January 25, 2014):  I updated the title, replacing data with reanalysis.  It must be kept in mind that GHCN-CAMS is a reanalysis (output of a climate model that uses data as inputs) and not simply data. # # # … Continue reading

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>Mid-March 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>NINO3.4 and Global SST anomalies are still stalled at the levels they’ve been at for the last six weeks. NINO3.4 SST anomalies for the week centered on March 17, 2010 show that central equatorial Pacific SST anomalies have remained relatively … Continue reading

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>Is There A 60-Year Pacific Decadal Oscillation Cycle?

>INTRODUCTION Climate bloggers often refer to a 60-year cycle in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). I assume they derive the 60-year period from the graph of the PDO, Figure 1, from the JISAO “Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO)” web page. As … Continue reading

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>Absolute RSS MSU TLT Data

>If you haven’t noticed, KNMI has added RSS MSU TLT data to their Climate Explorer: In absolute form, the Global TLT data of course includes seasonal variations, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 And for those who … Continue reading

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>February 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>MONTHLY SST ANOMALY MAP The map of Global OI.v2 SST anomalies for February 2010 downloaded from the NOMADS website is shown below. February 2010 SST Anomalies Map (Global SST Anomaly = +0.285 deg C) MONTHLY OVERVIEW Global SST anomalies … Continue reading

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>PRELIMINARY February 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>Sorry for the delay. These preliminary monthly SST anomaly updates usually come out on Mondays. But the NOMADS3 server has been down, and I waited until today to contact NOAA. They were kind enough to direct me to another server. … Continue reading

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