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July 2013 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) Temperature Anomaly Update

My apologies for the delay. I was waiting for the NCDC to update their data webpage here. As of this morning, the NCDC has not updated it, so I used the 0.61 deg C anomaly for July 2013 published in … Continue reading

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Another Paper Blames ENSO for the Warming Hiatus

UPDATE 2 (Aug 29, 2013): If you haven’t seen Judith Curry’s post about Kosaka and Xie (2013), it is very much worth a read: # # # The recently published climate model-based paper Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial … Continue reading

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VERY PRELIMINARY August 2013 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Update

Note: I’ll take a closer look at the curious upsurge in North Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies when I finished writing my book about climate models. STANDARD OPENING PARAGRAPH The August 2013 Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data through the NOAA … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather – A Quick Note about Peterson et al (2013)

I haven’t seen Peterson et al (2013) presented alone yet at WattsUpWithThat. It was referred to in Jim Steele’s excellent WUWT post Fabricating Climate Doom – Part 3: Extreme Weather Extinctions Enron Style.  A who’s who of climatologists, including department heads, … Continue reading

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Stalking the Rogue Hotspot

A Willis Eschenbach classic!!! Watts Up With That? [I’m making this excellent essay a top sticky post for a day or two, I urge sharing it far and wide. New stories will appear below this one.  – Anthony] Guest Post … Continue reading

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Mid-August 2013 Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

Being an ENSO-neutral year so far, there’s nothing too exciting for this update. Global sea surface temperatures are at about +0.29 deg C for the week centered on August 14th, compared to the base years of 1971-2000. Weekly Global

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Mid-August Hurricane Development Region Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

According to the NOAA National Hurricane Center, there are two low pressure systems in the tropical North Atlantic with good chances of becoming tropical storms. See Figure 1. In fact, in the eastern part of the main development region, Tropical … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

Actually, I’m concentrating on finishing my third book—working title Climate Models Are Crap!  I’d like to have it published around the time that the IPCC releases the Summary for Policymakers of their 5th Assessment Report.  Unfortunately, my recent pace of … Continue reading

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About the Unusual Warming Event in Extratropical North Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

As noted in the July 2013 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update, the extratropical North Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies (24N-65N, 100E-100W) made an unexpected surge in July 2013. NOAA may make a fuss about this in their State of … Continue reading

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July 2013 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

UPDATE:  I’ve discussed the unexpected surge in the sea surface temperatures of the extratropical North Pacific in the post here. ### UNUSUAL WARMING EVENT IN EXTRATROPICAL NORTH PACIFIC The sea surface temperature anomalies in the extratropical North Pacific (24N-65N, 100E-100W) … Continue reading

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