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Early 20th Century Warming – Polar Amplification, Model-Data & Model-Model Comparisons

In this post, we’re going to illustrate how poorly climate models used by the IPCC for their 5th Assessment Report simulate the polar amplification that data indicates took place during the early 20th Century warming period of 1916 to 1945.

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New Paper Confirms the Hiatus Is Not Occurring at the Poles, Undermining the Efforts of Cowtan and Way

Pierre Gosselin of NoTrickZone reports on a paper that confirms the slowdown in global surface warming has not been occurring at the poles. See Pierre’s post German Experts: New Paper By Gleisner Shows 2013 Cowtan And Way Arctic Data Hole Paper … Continue reading

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Polar Amplification: Observations versus IPCC Climate Models

We’ve illustrated and discussed polar amplification in a few posts in the past. See here and here. Wikipedia has a short blurb about it: Polar amplification is the greater temperature increases in the Arctic compared to the earth as a … Continue reading

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>Notes On Polar Amplification

>This post shows, based on GISS LOTI data, there is nothing unusual about the Polar Amplification taking place during the current warming period and also shows Polar Amplification exaggerates the cooling during periods when global temperatures decline. This post is … Continue reading

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>Another Look At Polar Amplification

>On two occasions I’ve attempted to leave a comment at Joe Romm’s Climate Progress. I discussed the first try back in July 2008 in my post Climate Progress Posts My Comment, Returns It To Awaiting-Moderation Limbo, Then Deletes It. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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