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>GISS Deletes Arctic And Southern Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Data

>REFER TO UPDATE AT THE END OF THE POST There are numerous blog posts and discussions about how the GISS global temperature anomaly product GISTEMP differs from the Hadley Centre and NCDC datasets. The repeated reasons presented for this are, … Continue reading

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>Mid-May 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>NOTE: The weekly OI.v2 SST data is available in two periods through the NOAA NOMADS website, from November 1981 to 1989, and from 1990 to present. I’ve been providing these mid-month updates with graphs that include the full term of … Continue reading

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>Tom Karl’s Trends Are Wrong – At Least in Slide 21

>Correction: I have been advised that my Figure 4 in this post could be considered misleading because the trends intersect at 1900 and not toward the middle of the plot. The following illustration is a correction. It still shows, however, … Continue reading

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>NINO3.4 SST Anomalies Are Now Negative

>I just took a quick look at NINO3.4 SST Anomalies, and for the week centered on Wednesday May 12th, they’ve dropped into negative numbers: -0.075 deg C. NINO3.4 SST Anomalies – Week Of May 12, 2010 SOURCE OI.v2 SST … Continue reading

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>April 2010 SST Anomaly Update

>MONTHLY SST ANOMALY MAP The map of Global OI.v2 SST anomalies for April 2010 downloaded from the NOMADS website is shown below. The drop in central equatorial Pacific SST anomalies toward ENSO-neutral temperatures is obvious. The response should work its … Continue reading

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>NINO3.4 SST Anomalies In Neutral Territory

>Just a quick post. The weekly OI.v2 NINO3.4 SST anomalies dropped out of El Niño range last week, the week centered on Wednesday April 28th. They are presently at ~0.47 deg C. Weekly NINO3.4 SST Anomalies Map I’ll … Continue reading

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>The 2009/10 Warming Of The South Atlantic

>The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies for the South Atlantic are shown in Figure 1. First observation: it’s a noisy dataset. Then, other than the dip and rebound in 1991/92, likely caused by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, and other … Continue reading

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>Typical (Average) El Nino, Traditional El Nino, and El Nino Modoki Events

>Recently, there have been a number of posts around the blogosphere about the current El Nino or about Sea Surface Temperatures (SST). Accompanying them are predictions by the authors of those posts or by commenters of a pending La Nina … Continue reading

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